Semalt: Easy Ways To Remove Your Traffic From Google Analytics

In this article, Ivan Konovalov, the leading expert from Semalt, will teach you how to remove the views from Google Analytics to get quality results.

I still remember the time when I started my blog a few months ago. I used to get over 1500 views per day in my Google Analytics account, but it turned into more when I edited my pages and changed some settings. I have edited some of my pages hundreds to thousands of times to get the desired results. Various bloggers post their page view reports or share the traffic statistics on social media openly and don't realize that this can harm their blog or their own reputation on the internet. That is because a lot of spammers would try to decrease the number of views on their websites, thus affecting their Google Analytics reports. When you share your website links on social media, you should make sure that you have excluded the internal traffic entries from it. It's not something that comes as an option or is the default. Instead, you would have to set it manually or install a plugin to get the desired results.

Exclude Your IP Address in Google Analytics

The very first and most important thing you need to do is that you exclude your IP address in Google Analytics. It is important to prevent your view from getting counted. For this, you would have to focus on the external clients' behavior and how they interact with your web pages. This can leave a major impact on your website and its overall performance. For this purpose, first, you would have to identify your own IP address. Google has made it easy and simple for its users to do that. Just type what is my IP in Google search, and you will see what's your public IP address. It is very easy to exclude one IP address from Google Analytics. However, if you want to exclude multiple IPs, then you would have to make appropriate changes. For this, you should first create filters for different IPs and exclude them one by one.

Exclude Settings in Google Analytics WordPress Plugins

It is another important method. You should exclude or adjust your settings in Google Analytics WordPress plugins. For this, you should go to the filters section of your Google Analytics account and select the custom filter option. Next, you should exclude all non-genuine or illegal traffic as well as their sources and click on the filter pattern button. Here you should use a custom variable code which might be present in the body tag of your HTML. It is an easy to use an option that prevents your data from getting used illegally and your Google Analytics from creating fake reports. It means when someone will visit your website, their counts will not be counted if their cookies have not been identified. It is a fantastic and one of the best options, so you should use this method on all of your websites. For bloggers, it's important to maintain their audience and the credibility of their websites. So this method will be of great help.